Monday, September 6, 2010

The Mascot

Around May of 2009, I was approached by an artist named Kendre Lee Fraser who volunteered to do some concept art for us in exchange for work experience/reference. I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to start designing the mascot character.

What I wanted was a small spaceman who was basically consistent with the company logo, meaning 8bit style, with black and neon green.

Around the same time I met Jazmyn Douillard, who became part of the Doc Logic team for a number of months. Kendre, Jazmyn and I worked for a number of weeks on the concept, sending images back and forth to really nail down the look. None of us had any experience with 8bit or sprites, so we were hoping to solidify the concept before making the 8bit sprite.

Josh Hammermeister eventually took over as lead artist on the "Doc Logic" game, but the original concept designed by Kendre and Jazmyn still exists in Doc.

Huge thanks to Kendre and put in so much passion, and I truly appreciate it.

Kendres' design:

Jazmyns' Design:

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