Monday, September 6, 2010

How "Resident Evil 5" influenced "Doc Logic"

It was March of 2009. I had literally been struggling with the core game design of Doc Logic for over a year. I had a very clear vision for Doc Logic 2, yet it was far too ambitious to start making at that point.

I wanted to make an arcade game. A game that would have been great to make 25 cents last as long as possible. I wanted it to be as simple as Donkey Kong or Bubble Bobble.

Here's what was solid:
  • Will feature our mascot character, Doc Logic
  • Entire game will take place in a single level/massive overworld, similar to Metroid/Super Metroid
  • Arcade game at its core (would have been a great arcade game in the days of arcades/quarter stealer.)
  • Very little emphasis on plot, but still leads to main events of plot-driven sequel (climactic ending?)
  • Struggle against time, enemies not the main threat
  • Fast moving character (sonic the hedgehog) with "gliding" function (later upgrade.)
But I still couldnt nail the core game down! What was Doc doing? What was the objective?

In March of 2009, Resident Evil 5 was launched. I'm currently playing it for the 5th time, and still think it is one of the best games of this generation.

I had spent a significant time playing "Mercenaries Mode" in Resident Evil 4, but never while trying to overcome this current game design challenge. When I started playing Mercs mode in RE5, it was an instant light bulb.

What if Doc is just collecting time bonuses, with the goal of keeping the clock running? So simple! And not at all unique to Resident fact, many of the old arcade racing games were built around the same premise......get the the next checkpoint to keep the clock running. It was perfect!

At that point, more of Resident Evil 5 started to influence Doc Logic.
- Combo multiplier
- Combo bonus
- Using ranged attack to stun, then finishing with melee attack
- Mini-bosses

My love for Capcom is deep....

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