Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Development Update

After recently receiving the latest version of Doc Logic from Jack, I thought I'd share the list of changes in this newest version.

For the first time, the game felt absolutely perfect. Everything feels balanced in terms of difficulty, and I'm trying to get as many friends as possible to play it to test the difficulty of the game.

We may need an easy mode, because very few of the people that have played it have made it past level 9. Perhaps 2 minutes on the clock to start, and each checkpoint is worth 15 seconds?

Demo should be ready soon! Just a few art tweaks.

"Mostly cleanup and tweaks.

- Added more time bonus spots so that it's less likely to get two overlapping time bonuses.
- The time bonuses are in slightly more difficult spots in turbo mode.
- There is text for the intro panels.
- Text at beginning of level now fades in.
- Monster spawning on a new zone is no longer a burst on enemies spawned in a single frame, this should prevent some stuttering.
- The game doesn't bother drawing things that are far off screen.
- The "You win" overlay is fixed.
- The time each bonus gives is greater when you're low on time and less when you've lots of time. This was true before, but now the difference is larger.
- The rest of Josh's 3D Popups have been put in.
- The melee now is just a very quick attack unless you hold it down. In that case it cuts out as soon as it's not relevant.
- Menu delays shortened.
- Escape key now pauses the game instead of shutting it down if you're in a level. Pause now tells you how to quit."

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